Slavic National Football Team

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Slavic National Football Team

Post  danylo on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:45 pm

I wonder how good we would be if we had a Slavic National Football/Soccer/Fudbal/Футбол/piłka nożna/фудбал/fotbal/nogomet Team. Who would be in the starting line-up and how far would we get in the World Cup? This is my Starting Line-up:

Bench: Akinfeev, Pyatov, Chygrinskiy, Zhirkov, Kravchenko, Krasic
Reserves: Boruc, Handanovic, Grygera, Skrtel, Martin Petrov, Hleb, Olic,Dzeko, Vucinic, Pogrebnyak, Shevchenko
I say they'd win the World Cup. Now, let's count nationalities of the players. There were 4 Czechs. There were 6 Russians. There were 5 Ukrainians. There were 2 Serbians. There were 2 Croatians. There was one Macedonian. There was one Belarussian. There were 2 Bulgarians. There was one Pole. There was one Bosnian. There was one Montenegrian. There was one Slovenian. There was one Slovakian. Looks like I used all Slavic countries. DON'T BE OFFENDED IF ONE OF YOUR COUNTRY'S BEST PLAYERS WASN'T ON THE LIST!!!!!![b] Just calmly announce any disagreements.

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